Munching was never so healthy with these salty, tangy snacks!



Ingredients :  Makhana, Spices & Condiments

  • No Artificial Preservatives. Prepared with care and natural ingredients
  • Healthy, Tasty and Fresh, they are made after you place your order.
  • With less than 130 calories they can promote weight loss when consumed instead of any other unhealthy snacks
  • High in Fibre.
  • Good source of Vegan Protein
  • Rich in Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron and zinc


We try to make your weightloss journey more delectable by adding flavours and spices that you love.  These ready to eat Makhanas are made more tasty with our homemade spices.

Makhana have low sodium and high magnesium contents which makes it a good option as an evening snack for people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure. It has comparatively low glycemic index than other grains which can help in diabetes to control sugar. High in Protein and low caloric It will help you in maintaining a healthy weight and promotes weight loss if eaten in controlled portion. It contains anti aging enzyme which helps to repair damaged protein. It also contain a natural flavonoid kaempferol which prevent inflammation and ageing.

The Spices are carefully selected of good quality & grounded at home before adding to the chatpate. Minimum amount of rock salt and black salt is used to ensure low sodium in our snacks. The Healthy Sesame Oil is used in minimum quantity, just enough to blend the spices together. It is good for hair and skin, help in bone growth, reduce blood pressure, maintain good heart health, as well as manage anxiety and depression. It also helps to cure dental problems, prevent cancer, improve the digestive process, and lower inflammation.

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